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Grey Nurse Sharks return!

It’s that time of year when we are forced to rug up and face those winter chills. But with that comes the arrival of the endangered Grey Nurse Shark (GNS). This dangerous and threatening looking but very timid shark seems to migrate North whenever it’s time to don the beanie and squeeze into the thicker wetsuit. One of the best spots to see these awesome ocean dwellers is at 9 mile off the Tweed Coast. The gutter which  lies in 25 m of water seems to be the perfect hang out and it’s common to get up to 20 circling GNS around the rocky arena. Grey Nurse Sharks are generally very timid but if you get too close they have a tenancy to crack their tale which will make you blow a few more bubble than usual.

If you want to head out to 9 mile and hang out with the Grey Nurse Sharks give me a buzz because I will jump at any opportunity to get out there.