Adventure Education

Hastings Point Adventure Education museum has brought technology and nature together to create a spectacular playground of knowledge and education through adventure and fun.

This amazing collection of specimens and artifacts in this inspiring surroundings will leave you aghast at the wonders of our marine world.

Situated in the 5 star North Star Holiday Resort at Hastings Point, the Adventure Education Centre is less than two hours from Brisbane and about 20 km South of Tweed Heads.

Opposite kilometres of unspoilt beaches this exclusive field trip facility is designed to tap the essence of nature and its many wonders, particularly those associated with the ocean and its fringes.

“The Marine museum distinguishes our field study centre from the others. This is a unique collection that is the culmination of a 30 year evolving strategy to make education inspiring as well as significant.”

We can offer:
  • Guided and assisted 1 to 4 day field trips, Museum sessions, specialized courses and extension programs that provide the opportunity for students of:
    • Years 5 to 12
    • Colleges and TAFE
    • Special Education and
    • University
  • A chance to experience a range of habitats, all within an easy comfortable walking distance from our centre.
  • A comprehensive and unique Marine Museum with over 200 hundred preserved and dried marine specimens for interactive sessions
  • A large selection of slides, videos, journals and books and the fascinating experience of stereo microscope projection of live specimens to big screen television.
  • 1 to 4 Day Marine Environments Educational Camps.

The Facts

  • Open to the public Saturday from 3 – 5
  • Schools and Colleges will find every syllabus objective emerging in one or more sections of this comprehensive assortment of biodiversity and life science themes.
  • This is indeed a visual and proactive laboratory designed to stimulate inquiry and to provide answers through specially integrated programs of student-instructor resource interaction.
  • Through hands on encounters with the multi-dimensional nature of our museum preparations students will enter a realm of involvement they will not find easy to dismiss.